Have a minute? Write a mini monologue! In the box below, please post ideas that come to mind about the following topics. You might find that they inspire longer stories, but we’d love your fresh first impressions, too!

BODY — got one? How does it feel? Love it? Hate It? (Periods, menopause; control, lack of control; illness or health, mental or physical)

INTIMACY — What is it? When is it good? When is it not so good? Want more? Want less?

POLITICS — of gender in your workplace? At home? Local and national?

CHILDREN — What does motherhood mean? Impressions/stories of birth or disability or death? Expectations and realizations?

FAMILY — How do you define it? As a woman, what are your experiences of parents/aging parents; siblings, significant others?

“LIFELONG” PARTNERS — What do you think of marriage? Second marriages? Not getting married?

FIRSTS — Crush, kiss, sex with whom you wanted, with whom you didn’t, with a girl/woman, with a boy/man – or both?

SEX — Enough, not enough, with the right person, with the wrong person.

FACING FEARS — What unique fears do girls/women face? Stories of triumph, failure, learning from experience?

AGING — Yours? (The effects of gravity, increasing wisdom, etc?) Your parents?

Share a Mini Monologue

A mini-monologue should be 1 minute or less. 1 minute of speech at an understandable pace is about 140 words. Average word length is 5.1 characters. With spaces, that's 980 characters. We know that can be tough, so we've set the limit at 1200 characters instead. If your story is longer than that, we still want to hear it! Please send it as a full monologue.